National Nutrition Month is still in full swing.  How are you doing with the color challenge?  It’s easy, fun and delicious to add color to your plate.  Here are tips for helping you reach three colors at every meal.


  • Use whole grains breads or tortillas for sandwiches, wraps or toast.
  • Substitute brown rice for white rice when serving plain or in recipes
  • Add whole barley to soups or stews
  • Add bulgur or Quinoa to salads or casseroles


  • Substitute raw veggies for chips when dipping into your favorite dips or salad dressing
  • Bake a sweet potato in place of a white potato
  • Top baked potatoes with salsa, beans, broccoli or low-fat cheese
  • Stuff your omelet with veggies such as spinach, pepper, onions, mushrooms or tomatoes
  • Add frozen peas and carrots to casseroles
  • Make a ‘taco bar” making sure there are lots of veggies to choose from


  • Add to cereal or yogurt
  • Add fresh or dried fruits to salads
  • Add blueberries to pancakes or waffles
  • Puree fresh strawberries and use on pancakes or waffles in place of syrup
  • Bake apples for a dessert and top with a pureed blueberry sauce

Milk or dairy

  • Make soups or hot cereal with milk in place of water
  • Sprinkle low-fat cheese on salads or entrees (such as chili or casseroles)
  • Make a fruit smoothie with yogurt or milk
  • Have a fruit and cheese plate available in the refrigerator at all times.

Meat and beans and legumes (lean protein)

  • Add beans or chickpeas to salads, soups or on top of potatoes
  • Choose fish such as salmon or mackerel and top with colorful herbs and spices
  • Make a three-bean salad as a side dish
  • Make hummus and put it on potatoes or use as a dip
  • Make chicken or tuna salad and stuff it into a tomato
  • Make stuffed cabbage or stuffed peppers, topped with sauce

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