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Nutrition Services

Heather is a nutrition counselor, consultant and communicator specialized in sports nutrition and disordered eating in sports. She works one-on-one with athletes who need help properly fueling and hydrating for health, growth, development and sports performance. As a consultant and communicator, she helps schools, companies and organizations develop and deliver evidence-based content for their audience and partners with brands she loves to bring awareness to their products and services.


I work one-on-one with athletes looking to properly fuel and hydrate for sports.


I work with schools, companies and organizations to develop and deliver evidence-based sports nutrition content.


I partner with brands to translate nutrition science into meaningful, memorable messages that resonate with consumers.

The world is filled with so-called nutrition and wellness experts, so what makes me different?  Evidence, education, experience, and true expertise – that’s what sets me apart. All of those things combined give me the confidence to tackle any project. I combine that expertise with my engaging, down-to-earth personality to make my work shine. As one of my clients put it, “Heather makes you feel like anything is possible!”

And, according to me, it is.  Whether I’m in my kitchen adding more flavor and phytonutrients to a traditional dish, counseling a client one-on-one, or creating compelling content for a company, I give 100%, 100% of the time.

As a working mom of three teenagers, I understand the challenges that busy families face and the mixed nutrition information being delivered to children and teens.  I’m passionate about clearing confusion and showing others how to live a healthy lifestyle, while living a busy, active lifestyle. I take the fear out of food, nutrition, and fitness, and help each person find their own happy, healthy life.

Learn more about my areas of expertise and the nutrition counseling, consulting and communication services I offer below.

Athletes have unique nutrition needs and can struggle to fuel and hydrate their body properly.  Many athletes are turning to social media for nutrition advice and, in turn, hearing the wrong message and getting information not specialized for athletes. As a board certified specialist in sports nutrition, I can help. I provide one-on-one sports nutrition counseling for athletes either face-to-face in my home office,  or through video telehealth.

Over the past 21 years, I’ve helped hundreds of clients improve their health and sports performance by implementing better nutrition and hydration habits. While I continue to work with athletes of all ages and levels, my areas of focus and specialty are fueling younger athletes and counseling athletes struggling with disordered eating in sport or recovering from an eating disorder.

If you are an athlete looking for one-on-one, individualize sports nutrition counseling, or the parent of a young athlete you think would benefit from learning how to properly fuel and hydrate their body, fill out the contact form below to set up an appointment.


In addition to one-on-one counseling, I also work with coaches, athletic trainers, sports medicine physicians, sports organizations and companies to help keep athletes well-fed and well-hydrated. My work as a sports nutrition consultant includes writing, editing and reviewing education materials, handbooks, training manuals and other publications to make sure they are evidence-based, up-to-date and relevant for the intended audience. I also help high schools, colleges and athletic associations develop screening tools and protocols for safe play and returning to sport after suffering from the consequences of relative energy deficiency in sport (RED-S), disordered eating and eating disorders. 

Aside from written content development, I present sports nutrition information directly to athletes via live or prerecorded formal and informal presentations, webinars, videos, podcasts and social media. I also speak at professional meetings and conferences to educate sports dietitians, athletic trainers, coaches and sports medicine physicians on topics relevant to athletes.

Contact me today to discuss how I can help your team, school, organization or company develop and deliver evidence-based sports nutrition content.

I have over a decade of experience working as a media spokesperson, including 8 years as a national media spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. I’ve built a solid reputation as a trusted source of evidence-based food, fitness and nutrition information and continue to be a trusted resource for the media, consumers and my colleagues.

I love working with organizations, companies and commodity groups that align with my personal likes and values. With my audience in mind, I help brands translate nutrition science into meaningful & memorable messages that resonate with consumers.  I’ve partnered with companies, commodity groups and organizations such as Produce for Better Health Foundation, Alliance for Food and Farming, American Dairy CouncilNational Beef Council, USA Today, California Figs. I’ve worked with brands such as Gatorade, Arctic ApplesHOOD Cottage Cheese, Jack Links, Fifth Season, belVita and Secret, among others.

Below are examples of how I help organizations, companies and commodity groups bring their brand or service to life.

Recipe Development and Food Photography – I create simple recipes using products that I believe support a healthy lifestyle. I also provide high-quality images of my recipes for use on my own blog or give rights to other companies and organizations to use on their own social media platforms, websites or other publications.

Professional Presentations, Webinars & Videos – I work with companies and organizations to deliver evidence-based presentations, workshops, training, webinars and pre-recorded videos for their audience.

Media/Industry Spokesperson and Brand Ambassador – As a spokesperson, I work with the media and industry to create and deliver timely news and messages on products and brands that I believe support a healthy lifestyle. I’ve delivered messages live on TV, radio, podcasts, social media live takeovers and at trade shows, as well as in static posts and print publications like press releases, social media and prerecorded videos.

Media Interviews- In addition to being a spokesperson, I also work as an expert source for news outlets, magazines, online publications and others that provide food, nutrition and fitness information to the public.

Social Media Partnerships – I partner with companies, organization and brands to help bring awareness to their products and services via social media. I create and deliver messages that resonate with my audience and recipes using products that I believe support a healthy lifestyle.

Cooking Demonstrations and Workshops – I lead workshops and cooking demonstrations to show consumers how easy it is to prepare healthy food and live a healthy lifestyle.