What I Offer

Nutrition Services

Heather can help bring your product, service or brand to life through a variety of outlets and platforms such as formal and informal presentations, social media, live or pre-taped videos, interviews, and podcasts. Heather’s expertise and experience in food and nutrition are what gives her the confidence to tackle any project – but it’s her engaging, down-to-earth personality that makes her messages shine. As one of her clients put it, “she makes you feel like anything is possible!”


Want to work together? I offer a variety of consulting services, such as content development, speaking, spokesperson and recipe development.

Sports Nutrition

Are you looking for nutrition strategies to improve sports performance? I offer a variety of services to help athletes, parents, coaches, trainers & sports medicine professionals understand how to fuel for sport.


Are you looking for individualized help and support living your best life? I can work with you one-on-one to formulate a plan.

The world is filled with so-called nutrition and wellness experts, so what makes me different?  Evidence, education, experience, and true expertise – that’s what sets me apart. All of those things combined gives me the confidence to tackle any project.

I combine that expertise with my engaging, down-to-earth personality to make my work shine. As one of my clients put it, “Heather makes you feel like anything is possible!”

And, according to me, it is.  Whether I’m in my kitchen adding more flavor and phytonutrients to a traditional dish, counseling a client one-on-one, or creating compelling content for a company, I give 100%, 100% of the time.

When people ask me why I believe I’m a sought-after dietitian, I say this – it’s my ability to relate first-hand with busy consumers. I’m a mom of three, and I understand the difficulties that busy families face. I’m passionate about showing others how to live a healthy lifestyle on the go. I love what I do, and I’ve been told repeatedly that it shines through in my work. I take the fear out of food, nutrition, and fitness, and help each person find their own happy, healthy life.

Learn more about the services I offer below.

I work with organizations, companies and commodity groups to offer a variety of consulting services to help bring products, services, and brands to life. I do this through a variety of outlets and platforms, such as formal and informal presentations, recipe development, content development, social and digital media, live or pre-taped videos, interviews, and podcasts.

After spending 8 years as a media spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, I now work with national brands and commodity groups to support their message and products and bring their brand to life.

With over a decade of experience as a media spokesperson, I’ve participated in hundreds of TV, print, radio, and live interviews, reaching thousands of consumers across the world.

Reaching consumers is important, but having your message, product or brand recognized by other healthy living experts is just as important. I make this happen. I’m not only well-known as a trusted source of health and wellness information by moms and consumers – I’m also recognized as an expert in food, fitness, and nutrition among my colleagues, the media, other health care professionals and national brands.

One thing you won’t find me doing is promoting a product or service that I don’t believe in. I’ve partnered with organizations such as Produce for Better Health Foundation, American Dairy Council, National Beef Council, GatoradeUSA TodayArctic Apples, HOOD Cottage Cheese, California Figs, Jack Links, Fifth Season and other brands that I trust.


The following is a list of ways I can help:

Professional Presentations, Webinars & Videos – I work with companies and organizations to deliver evidence-based presentations, workshops, training, webinars and pre-recorded videos for their audience.

Media/Industry Spokesperson and Brand Ambassador – As a consultant and spokesperson, I work with the media and industry to create and deliver timely news and messages on products and brands that I believe support a healthy lifestyle.

Media Interviews- Television, Print, Radio, Social Media, Podcasts, Web

Sponsored TV, Podcasts, Print, Web, Marketing Materials, Presentations, Trade Show Booth, Video Development, Event Host, Book Signings) 

Social Media Partnerships including Live Streaming 

Recipe Development and Food Photography – I create simple recipes using products that I believe support a healthy lifestyle.

Cooking Demonstrations and Workshops – I lead workshops and cooking demonstrations to show consumers hand-on how easy it is to prepare healthy food and live a healthy lifestyle

Industry Consulting – I provide behind-the-scenes help to companies and organizations in a variety of ways.

Content Development; Writing; Ghost Writing; Presentations; Other Project Collaboration and Consulting and Desk Side Service

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Healthy living doesn’t come easy for everyone. I get it. Maybe you struggle to understand the best eating plan for you. Maybe you’ve tried, but you can’t find a single activity that you enjoy. Maybe you work two jobs, have four kids and can’t possibly get the eight hours of sleep that you should be.  Maybe you hate plain water, can’t cook or simply don’t want to cook.  Or, maybe you need help overcoming a disordered eating pattern or eating disorder. Working with someone one-on-one, who understands the struggles of fitting it all in can help. I can help.

My first step is to listen and understand. I learn about what you love, what you hate, what you struggle with, and what your challenges are. I learn about your personality – are you someone who thrives on being challenged, or hates confrontation? Do you prefer group support or work better alone? All of these things impact how we work together. Next, we determine what is working, and what isn’t. We work together to find what makes you feel the best – resulting in your healthy life. Before long, your healthy lifestyle is your new life. No gimmicks. No beginning and end.  Just a happy, healthy, fit and fun you!

What I Don’t Do

  • Promote or support fad diets – I teach habits that promote lifelong health and happiness
  • Provide lists of good foods and bad ones – there is no such thing! The exception to this is individuals that have a medical diagnosis or known intolerance to certain ingredients, foods or food groups.
  • Promote unhealthy habits in order for you to reach your goals – I’m a health expert, and your health is my first priority. If I believe that you are striving for something that is unrealistic or unhealthy, I will tell you. I will work with you to reach your goal in a healthy, realistic way. If you still wish to pursue unhealthy habits after our discussion, I am not the nutrition and fitness expert for you.
  • Hand out generic meal plans – we work together to create an individualized plan that works for you.
  • Encourage you to do activities you hate – I help you find something you like.

I’ve been a sports dietitian for over 21 years, and I’m nationally recognized for my work in sports nutrition and human performance. As a board-certified sports dietitian, I’ve helped hundreds of athletes improve their sports performance using sports nutrition strategies. My book, Fueling Young Athletes, is regarded as the must-have sports nutrition bible for parents, dietitians, coaches, trainers and other health-care professionals that work with young athletes.

My work as a sports dietitian is broad, from counseling and consulting to speaking and writing. Sports organizations and companies retain me to write sports-focused education materials for their audiences – such as their websites, handouts for athletes and publications. I’m also hired for speaking engagements – such as team talks, workshops, and training for groups of athletes. In addition to sports nutrition consulting, I also offer individual counseling on a limited basis, for athletes struggling with specific issues impacting their sports performance.

I specialize in adolescent development and young athletes, but my sports clients also include professional athletes, collegiate athletes and everyday fitness enthusiasts looking to take their performance and body composition goals to the next level. I also speak at professional meetings and conferences, educating other sports dietitians, athletic trainers, coaches and sports medicine doctors on topics relevant to athletes.

Contact me today to discuss how I can help you, your team or your organization use sports nutrition to improve sports performance.