Did you know that just 100 extra calories per day can leave you with a 10 pound weight gain at the end of the year?   Maybe you’ve been feeling like you’re doing everything right but the scale won’t budge and your waist measurement reads the same.

Every bite counts and sometimes even the most innocent sounding foods may be getting in the way of our efforts.  Check out these six sources of sometimes hidden calories and see if you have fallen prey to any these extras.

1.)    Sugarless gum– that’s right!  While most sugar free gum has only 5 calories per piece, think about how many pieces you are eating in a day.  Could it be?

2.)    Mints or hard candy– If you are sucking on mints to keep from eating you’ll want to be sure to track your intake.  Just one small piece of hard candy provides ~25 calories.  A few of those throughout the day and you can easy take in that extra 100 calories.

3.)    Ketchup– Have you heard the old saying “fries with your ketchup?” Just 1 Tbsp of ketchup contains 15 calories.  For most ketchup lovers, 1 tbsp is not near enough.

4.)    Creamer– whether you stop by Star Bucks or your drinking it at home, half and half creamer may be packing in more calories than expected.  Just 1 container of half-n-half, about 1 Tbsp, contains 20 calories.

5.)    The bite of this and bite of that.  Bites add up and they need to be counted.  As a way to evaluate whether or not your daily bites may be the culprit, keep a zip-lock baggy and every time you want to take a bite of something put it into the baggy.  That includes that Hershey kiss from your co-workers desk that you forgot about or the 50 calorie bite of brownie that you stole form your spouse.  Check out what you have at the end of the day.  You might be surprised.

6.)    Too much peanut butter on your toast– peanut butter is great but too much of anything is not good for the waistline.  Be sure you are measuring the amount you spread on and limit to a reasonable amount.

Stay Tuned for next weeks post…..quick, easy ways to reduce 100 calories in your day.

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