These six portable snacks for student athletes are a great way for them to stay fueled in school, after school and before practice.

Student athletes are busy people. They spend their days in school and are often required to go directly to practice or sporting events when school lets out. On top of that, athletes and active people tend to require more calories than their non-active counterparts. To meet their nutritional needs, they often need extra snacks during the day. That can be difficult to achieve when they are in class.

Portable Snacks For Student Athletes To Eat In School

To properly fuel growth, development and sports performance, student athletes need quick, portable snacks that can be eaten between classes, or at their desk. Here are some options to help athletes get what they need, when they need it.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

A peanut butter & jelly sandwich tops the list of common student athlete snacks. It’s perfect for between meals and it’s also a great after-school, before practice option. Athletes that need a smaller snack can eat ½ of the sandwich, while athletes that need or want more can eat a whole. The calories can be boosted even more by using a hearty whole grain bread and extra peanut butter.

Individual Greek Yogurt Cup With Fruit And Nuts

I’ve interviewed tons of student athletes on their ability to eat during their school day. Some athletes find it easy, while others find it difficult. That’s because some schools and teachers allow food in the classroom, while others do not. Individual Greek yogurt cups are a great options for those students permitted to have a snack in class. It just needs to be packed in a cooler with an ice pack, until it’s time to eat. Dried fruits and chopped nuts can be packed in a container separately, then stirred into the yogurt to add flavor and additional nutrition.

Shelf- Stable Low-Fat Chocolate Milk

Research has shown over and over that chocolate milk makes a great recovery beverage. It provides both carbohydrates and protein, and many other essential vitamins & minerals athletes need. Look for shelf-stable varieties that can be kept in your locker or carried in a backpack or gym bag. That way, you’ll be ready to re-fuel after training. Have it with a piece of fruit for slightly more calories.

Homemade Trail Mix

It’s not always possible to whip out a sandwich and start eating, especially if you are in school or at work. That’s where trail mix comes in handy. It’s a high calorie snack, so even a handful can help hold you over until you get a break to eat. It’s also a good snack to keep in your car or in your backpack at all times, so you’re always prepared when hunger hits.

Combine a variety of nuts, dried fruits and your favorite whole grain cereal so that it provides a variety of nutrients. Trail mix doesn’t typically provide a significant amount of protein, so if you’re looking for a recipe that does, try this post-workout protein-packed trail mix.

Both store-bought or homemade granola bars make a great snack for student athletes to eat between classes in school

Granola Bar Or Protein Bar

Athletes often ask me to recommend a good energy, protein or granola bar that they can take to school. The truth is, there are so many bars on the market, it’s near impossible for me to make suggestions. There are many things that go into picking the best bar. First, is taste. You have to like it. It’s also important to consider your personal needs and goals, and when you will eat it.   A bar eaten after school, before practice, should be rich in carbohydrates but low in fiber and fat. But, if you’re eating it as a snack between breakfast and lunch, any combination will do. The main thing to remember is that it should add value to your daily eating plan, not just supply empty calories that lack nutrients.

Crackers, Fruit And Cheese

Packing one food that provides a wide variety of nutrients isn’t always possible, but you can create a well-balanced snack by eating a few different items. Crackers, sliced cheese and fruit are one option. The fruit and crackers provide the carbohydrates, while the cheese supplies the protein and fat. Together, these three foods delivery a wide variety of vitamins and minerals.

To make it easy, pre-slice the cheese and pack it in a cooler with an ice pack to keep it cold. If you can’t eat this snack in class, stop at your locker between classes and gobble down a few crackers with cheese. If you don’t have time to eat the fruit with it, save it for your next class break.

These are a few easy and portable snacks for student athletes that tend to be easy to eat during the day. For more portable snack options, check out these ten portable snacks for athletes on the go.

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