Apples are nutrient-dense superfoods that offer lots of health and nutrition benefits. Learn how they can support heart and dental health, weight management, physical activity and chronic disease prevention.

Learn the health and nutritional benefits of apples

Have you heard of superfoods? Despite the term having no scientific meaning, you can find examples of superfoods all over the internet. I often wonder who creates these lists.

Superfoods are foods that are good for your health, but that simple meaning doesn’t mean much. In fact, it’s resulted in some pretty interesting foods being touted as superior – from rare, exotic fruits like açaí berries and dragon fruit, to seaweed that can only be found at specialty stores.

I’m not saying these unique foods aren’t healthy. It’s just that there’s no evidence that they are superior to the more common foods you can find locally. If you ask me, any food considered super should be nutrient dense, affordable and found at your local grocery store – not something grown in another country. I mean,  it’s not  “an açaí berry a day keeps the doctor away.” It’s apples that made history – and with good reason.

Apples are the perfect fruit because they’re nutrient-dense, portable, versatile, sweet, and do wonders for your health.  They can be found locally, year-round and best of all – they are affordable. Now, that’s a superfood if I ever saw one. {Click here to read about one of my other favorite supefoods.}

Learn the Health and Nutrition Benefits of Apples

The Health And Nutritional Benefits Of Apples


One medium apples provides ~95 calories and supplies four (4) grams of fiber. It is also an excellent source of potassium and is high in vitamin C.  With 4 grams of fiber per medium apple,

Provide Support For Healthy Weight Management

The fiber found in apples helps to satisfy hunger, and helps you to feel full for longer between meals.

Support Heart Health And Chronic Disease Prevention

There are many nutrients in apples that play a role in chronic disease prevention and heart health. For one, they contain soluble fiber – the type shown to help lower LDL  or “bad” cholesterol. They also contain a rich amount of potassium, which plays a role in healthy blood pressure, too.

Apples are also rich in antioxidants, which help to reduce the oxidation of LDL cholesterol and inhibit inflammation. And, the skin of apples contain a compound with powerful inhibitory effects on cancer cells in the liver, colon, and breast

They even play a role in bone health. A flavanoid, unique to apples, may enhance bone density and reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis.

Play A Role In Dental Health

Apples have been referred to as “nature’s toothbrush.” Research has shown that replacing sugar-sweetened snacks and desserts with fresh apples can stimulate saliva production, helping to reduce the number of cavity-producing bacteria. That, in turn, may reduce the risk of developing dental caries

Support Physical Activity

It’s true – apples even play a role in fitness. An antioxidant found in the skin of apples has been show to make oxygen more available to the lungs, enhancing endurance during physical activity.

Apples are an easy fruit to eat any time of day – whether you are home or on the road.  Given their versatility, they can be used in both sweet and savory recipes, any time of the year. They really are the original superfood.

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