Thanksgiving is a perfect time to reflect on everything you have to be thankful for. This holiday, be sure to focus on counting blessings, not calories.

A Thanksgiving meal can easily range from 2,000-4,000 calories, depending on how many second helpings and sweets you include.  Mind-blowing?  I think so.  Now the question pops into mind, “How do I make a low-calorie Thanksgiving meal?”  You can always modify classic recipes, but do you and your guests really want to change your traditional holiday meal?

To Modify or Not To Modify?

If you swap “cauliflower mash” in place of the classic mashed potatoes, will your family like that? Making modifications is ok, but it’s not necessary. Even those of us that are health-conscious can enjoy our favorite foods without counting the calories – the key is being mindful. Personally, I don’t want to change our traditional high-calorie recipes.  I’m not saying you should over-indulge in comfort foods.  I’m saying it’s possible to enjoy all of the flavors of the holiday without making yourself feel sick.

Thanksgiving is about being with loved ones and giving thanks, not worrying about calories.  Remember, calorie control is largely dependent upon portion control.  You can have your favorites, and eat them too.  Just make sure you’re eating reasonable amounts.

If you’re not sure how much food is a reasonable amount, consider the visual below to help. You can use this guide to help you make smart choices as you build your Thanksgiving plate.

Visual Portion Size Guide:

Remember, traditional Thanksgiving foods are packed full of more than calories. They have loads of nutrients that provide health benefits, too. Check out this post to learn all that the colors of the holiday have to offer.

Lastly, remember to enjoy the holiday. Focus on counting your blessing, not calories this Thanksgiving.

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