Not sure what to get your favorite foodie this holiday? How about one of these unique holiday gift ideas that can be used all year long.

Creating wine or foodie gift baskets do make great gifts, but since splurging on decadent food and drinks often goes along with holiday celebrations, it can get to be too much. When it comes to gift giving, skip the sweets and treats and opt for something that can be used all year long. Here are a few of my favorite ideas.

Kitchen Gadgets.

Kitchen gadgets make chopping, dicing and preparing food easier, especially our fruits and veggies.  Think cherry chomper, a mandoline slicer, or citrus slicer are a few great examples.  You can check out some of my favorite kitchen gadgets on my Pinterest page.

Small Kitchen Appliances

Years ago, if you wanted to fry something, you had to put oil in a pan, heat it, then add your food. Today, you can use a fryer. Even better, an air fryer. If you want to make something, there’s likely a small appliance to make it easier. And, they make great gifts.

A New Cookbook or Cookbook Holder

A cookbook makes a great holiday gift – especially for someone trying to follow a special diet, or just looking for new meal ideas.  You can find one for just about any diet – vegan, gluten free, low fat, low calories, cooking for one, etc.  A great gift for a working mom or dad is a book of recipes for their slow cooker. And, while you’ll at it, but a decorative cookbook holder to go with it. They are a lot more likely to use the cookbook if it is sitting out on the counter where they can see it.

Color Coded Cutting Boards

if you know me, you know I’m obsessed with food safety.  I have a kitchen filled with cutting boards to prove it. Using color coded cutting boards makes it easy to keep raw foods separate from those that are ready-to-eat. The red board can be used for meat, can be used for vegetables, and orange for fruits.

Personalized Cheese Board 

Who doesn’t love a personalized gift? A personalized cheese board or other serving platter is a great gift, especially for friends or family that host parties.

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