Fueling Young Athletes is a comprehensive guide on how to fuel a healthy, winning athlete on game day, and everyday.

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My 4th baby is born! That’s right, after many months of anticipation, Fueling Young Athletes finally made its official debut. I could not be more excited to be sharing this news!

The day my first box of books was delivered is not one I will soon forget. I doubt my kids will forget it either. My lovely daughter was so kind to grab her phone and secretly video the dramatic scene.  After my freak out episode, I was finally calm enough to open the book and turn a few pages. Oh, what a feeling!

With my children standing around me, my daughter anxiously read my book dedication outload:

“To my three monsters, Matt, Luke, and Mia, for keeping me grounded in what really matters in life.”

The dedication doesn’t stop there, but Mia stopped reading. She turned to me and said, “Why is my name listed last?” You have to love what’s important to kids! I briefly explained that I listed their names in order by their birth.  She was ok with that, so we then went on celebrating.

Fueling Young Athletes is dedicated to my children, but it is all of the young athletes and their families who have allowed me into their lives and shared their challenges and successes with me that this book was truly written. It is a huge privilege to have so many athletes share their most personal situations- revealing family barriers; their feeling, fears & struggles toward food and body image; sharing personal goals on what they hope to achieve- and trusting me to guide them in their path.

I love a great challenge, and trying to convince teenagers that I know more about nutrition than what they read online surely fits that bill. I can understand that, which is why building trust and speaking their language is all part of the process. The adolescent years are not only a time of extraordinary physical growth and development, but also social struggles. The pressure on today’s young athletes can be overwhelming, but with the right guidance, sport participation at a young age provides a fun and rewarding opportunity. It helps to develop psychological well-being, establish friendships and learn lifelong lessons on how to life a healthy and active lifestyle.

What Will You Learn Inside Fueling Young Athletes?

I created a book video to share information on what you’ll find in each chapter and you can check out the table of contents and read the preface here. You can also read one or a few of the many interviews I’ve done, or listen to podcasts about the book by searching online. I didn’t want to share more of the same here. Instead, I want to say thank you and share my hope for young athletes around the world.

Fueling Young Athletes is a comprehensive guide to fueling young athletes, written by author and sports dietitian Heather Mangieri. This book has everything you need to fuel a winner.

……I hope that you love this book and learn the importance of building a strong body from the inside out. I hope that you succeed in all of your goals. And, if your plan is to play collegiate or professional sports, I hope that one day you can say, “I don’t need to meet with the team sports dietitian, because I was ahead of the game and learned how to properly fuel for my sport as a young athlete!”  

I wish you a fun, safe and rewarding sports experience fueled by good health and great food.


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