Is eating late at night bad?  No.  Is eating too much late at night bad?  Yes.

In fact, eating too much at anytime is not good for us, but how many of us are overeating at breakfast?  It’s easier to overeat at night than in the daytime.

Here’s a few reason many fall into the late night eating trap:

  • Not eating enough during the day which leads to overindulging in the evening
  • Knowingly restrict certain food groups (like carbohydrates) during the day which leads to cravings in the evenings
  • Using food as a reward for a hard day’s work, leading to overeating in the evening while relaxing
  • Eating while participating in mindless activities, such as watching TV, leaving us unaware of the calories consuming while participating in those activities.
  • The evening is when we often give into temptation because we are not as busy or focused on something else.

Can you relate?  If so, try these to fix your late night struggles:

  • Eat more and stay balanced throughout the day- Pre-plan your big breakfast and lunch break and be sure that it includes carbohydrates, protein and some healthy fats.  Including all of the food groups keeps you full and satisfied until dinner or an after work snack.
  •  Avoid deprivation- Be sure that you are eating what you like and not eating “diet food’ all day long.  Deprivation will ultimately lead to overeating.  This is why diets DO NOT work.
  •  Avoid mindless eating, especially in the evening- Make sure your evening snack is proportioned and avoid participating in other activities while eating it.
  • Find a healthy replacement- The more healthy habits that you adopt the better you will feel.  Find a replacement to your old evening habit.  A few examples:  watch TV while walking on a treadmill, walking outside, a cup of green tea in place of food, etc.
  • Find a new reward- Food should never, ever be used as a reward.  If you worked hard all day and feel that you deserve something, be sure to make it something positive that will make you feel great about yourself.  If lying on the couch is your reward there is no need to also include food.
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