Enjoy a no-fuss picnic with family or friends by packing a few of these easy food items, as incorporating these picnic tips to make it memorable.

Enjoy a no-fuss picnic with family or friends by packing a few of these easy food items, as incorporating these picnic tips to make it memorable

It’s summertime! Whether you’re spending the day with your significant other, or the entire family, packing a picnic is a great way to enjoy time together.

A Picnic Is A Fun Activity

Having a picnic isn’t just about the food. It’s about the experience and the environment, too. Sharing family mealtime comes with big benefits for kids and teens, too. It can be in your backyard, or a scenic place that you drive, ride or hike to. Maybe you go to a park, or you set-up somewhere in the city. It’s also fun to hike to a scenic spot, then sit back and relax once you get to summit, or the end of the trail.

How To Pack A No-Fuss Picnic

The easiest way to pack a picnic is to assemble foods that can be eaten cold. That way, you don’t have to worry about keeping them warm until you get to your destination. Foods eaten at room temperature are the simplest, but you can also pack a few ice packs to keep cold foods chilled. You just have to assemble the food, then pack in your basket to go. Here are a few food ideas to pack a no-fuss picnic.

Vegetable Salad

Gather your favorite greens such as arugula, spinach or mixed salad in a to-go container along with your toppings of choice.  Be sure to include lots of cut-up vegetables, such as green peppers, carrots, onions, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes.  Some other suggestions to add flavor include sunflower seeds, almonds, dried cranberries, sun-dried tomatoes and fresh herbs. When you get to your picnic destination, have everyone plate a handful of greens, then choose their favorite toppings to put on their salad.

Cold Wraps

Sandwiches are easy and common, but you can take your picnic food to the next level by assembling wraps. Roll up your favorite protein – like turkey breast, ham, cheese or hummus – in a whole wheat or flavored tortilla, then wrap them in plastic wrap or put in a portable container. Put cut vegetables in a separate container, and take a few condiments to dress the wraps. Once you arrive to your picnic spot, dress your wrap with your favorite veggies and dressing and enjoy.

Fruit Salad

A picnic isn’t complete without a colorful fruit salad! Cut your favorite fruits, such as watermelon, cheeriest, honeydew and pineapple, and pack it in a container to go. Try to cut the fruit into bite sized pieces. That way, you don’t have to fuss with a knife once you start your picnic. You can just serve, and eat.

Packing a picnicn to enjoy a family meal comes with big benefits and can be easy if you pack these foods and consider these tips.

Picnic Tips To Consider

In addition to those easy food ideas, there are some other things to make your picnic as fuss-free as possible. Consider these tips when preparing your foods and packing your picnic basket.

Avoid Foods That Melt

There’s nothing worse than sticky fingers or dealing with a mess while trying to enjoy your picnic. Things like chocolate, whipped cream and butter add flavor to foods, but they don’t hold up well in the heat. It’s best to leave those at home and pack foods that don’t melt.

Remove Inedible Peels Before Packing

While the rind of a watermelon is edible, most people choose to toss that part of the fruit. If you’re one of them, it’s better to cut it off prior to packing your picnic. In fact, cut the skins and peels off of all foods that you plan to take. That way, you have less mess to clean-up and deal with when you get back home.

Pack A Reusable Tablecloth To Sit & Set-Up Your Picnic

The easier you can make your picnic, the better. That’s why, I suggest packing a re-usable tablecloth to set out your picnic items. Most are waterproof, allowing for spills and easy clean-up after your picnic. And, they wipe down easy, so you can reuse it for your next picnic or outside event. A blanket is another option, it’s just not as easy to clean, especially if something gets spilled. If you do choose a blanket, just be sure to choose an old one. That way, if something happens to it, you won’t be as upset.

Take Supplies For An Easy Clean-Up

When out in nature, remember the rules of etiquette, including the basic guidelines of leave no trace. That means, if you pack it and take to your picnic, you pack it and take it back home with you. Take items with you to make this easier, like a garbage bag, plastic bags or containers to put any left-over food.

Pack Extra Items To Make It Memorable

Little things can make or break a picnic. Think about the extras that will make your picnic memorable, like a candle, cloth napkins, and maybe even a centerpiece. If you like music, pack a small speaker so you can have music playing during your picnic. You can also pack a deck of cards or other small game to play before or after you eat.

If you consider these tips before you leave, and incorporate them, you’ll be sure to have a fun, no-fuss picnic.


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